Return Rule 2


  • After receiving the package, please be sure to videotape the entire process to check whether the product is complete. Returns or exchanges will not be made after the appreciation period.
  • If the wrong size or defect is found within 7 days, please contact customer service first for exchange.
  • Check with customer service to confirm the shoe size and availability. If the size is not available, return the shoe.
  • Completely put the goods/gifts/accessories into the box and complete the packaging (attach a note on the shoe box with the ordering name and phone number, otherwise no one can be found to accept it)
  • After JOMA receives confirmation of the shoes, it will send out the exchange shoes.

Product Exchange

  • The shipping cost to JOMA will be paid by the buyer. After JOMA changes the correct size, it will be sent back to the buyer. This shipping cost will be paid by JOMA. If the product is defective, JOMA will pay the shipping costs for shipping and returning.
  • Please try on shoes indoors or on a cushion. Returns or exchanges will not be accepted if the following conditions occur: the appreciation period has exceeded seven days/the product has been used/the soles are worn or dirty (it is recommended that you try it on indoors or on a cushion)/the upper is dirty dirty and cannot be cleaned/the toe cap has been lasted/accessory accessories are missing/the shoes have undergone any additional processing.
  • Under what circumstances cannot I return or exchange goods?
    1. Exceeding the seven-day appreciation period.
    2. The product has obvious signs of use.
    3. The soles are worn or dirty/the uppers are dirty and cannot be cleaned/the toe caps have been lasted or processed.
    4. The shoe box is damaged and there is a shortage of warranty cards, gifts, insoles, accessories, etc.
    5. Products that have been exchanged cannot be returned.
    ※If the above situation occurs, returns cannot be accepted.
▶How to apply for a refund?
【Cash on delivery】
1. When applying for a return, please take the initiative to provide your bank name/account/account name. We will refund the money you paid before to the account you filled in.
2. The refund process takes about ten working days (from the day after the returned goods are received, excluding holidays). Please be more patient and we will process it as soon as possible.

1. You must bear the inter-bank transfer fee of TW $30 ( deducted from the refund )

2. If you order the wrong style, you must cancel the order and place another order, and the order sequence will be delayed.

3. For urgent orders, please send a private message to the official to see which item has been cleared. Others will not be accepted for urgent orders.

Those who do not pick up the goods and abandon the order are prohibited from filing a lawsuit according to law.

According to Article 355 of the Criminal Law: You must bear the responsibility for the crime of "indirect damage" under the Criminal Law