Explanation of Return and Exchange Rules

Exchange Rules

The shipping cost to JOMA will be paid by the buyer. After JOMA changes the correct size, it will be sent back to the buyer. This shipping cost will be paid by JOMA. If the product is defective, JOMA will pay the shipping costs for shipping and returning. Provide unconditional exchange within 7 days of appreciation period. If there are other products in a single order, only one return and exchange service is provided.
▶Under what circumstances cannot I exchange an item?
1. Exceeding the seven-day appreciation period.
2. The product has obvious signs of use.
3. The soles are worn or dirty/the uppers are dirty and cannot be cleaned/the toe caps have been lasted or processed.
4. The shoe box is damaged and there is a shortage of warranty cards, gifts, insoles, accessories, etc.
5. Products that have been exchanged cannot be returned.
※If the above conditions exist, returns cannot be accepted. 

Return Rules

1. The goods you ordered on this website can be returned to our company unconditionally within 7 days from the day after receipt.
Please note that the 7-day appreciation period is not a trial period.
2. Products returned within the 7-day appreciation period must be unused and unwashed, and the product body (including labels, tags, instructions and accessories, etc.) and outer packaging (such as shoe boxes) must be intact and undamaged, so that the company It may be resold, and if there are any gifts, they must be returned together. Otherwise, the company may refuse to return the product depending on the situation, or charge a processing fee, which will be deducted from the refund amount when refunding.

Defective Returns

1. If you find a defect in the product after receiving the goods, please report it to our customer service. After the company confirms that the product is defective, we will handle the return for you as soon as possible.
2. Before applying for a defective return, please note the following points:
(1) Small threads, burrs (common in clothing products), color differences due to different monitors (color differences are inevitable due to different monitors), thickness disputes (different personal definitions cannot be identified), size, weave, feel, and clothing details Problems with aspects, as well as factors such as changes in style, color, personal subjective wishes and preferences, are not quality defects.
We remind you that before purchasing a product, please refer to the product size chart. However, due to unavoidable errors that may occur in the measurement size, the specific size parameters of the product must be based on the actual product.
(2) If the product is damaged due to use, washing, maintenance or maintenance, or if the product is damaged due to your own repairs, modifications or other human or external factors, it is not a product defect.

Returns are Not Accepted

Products not purchased on this website are the same regardless of whether they are ordinary products or defective products.
(1) The 7- day appreciation period has passed since the product was received.
(2) The returned goods have been used, washed, processed (such as size modification), soiled (broken), destroyed, the product tag is damaged or lost, or the label has been cut ... etc. and cannot be sold again.

Return Process

1. Please call the official website or leave a message on the official Line, and customer service will assist in returning the product.
2. After it is confirmed that the return conditions are met, all goods in the same return order should be placed in the same outer packaging and sealed. Please keep your phone open for contact. 


1. The return shipping fee is paid by the buyer.

2. Within 3-5 working days after receiving the returned goods, the company will return the refund amount to the buyer's designated account in the original payment amount (goods plus shipping costs). The company will handle the return voucher and other related matters on its behalf.

3. The refund amount may be affected by full discounts or other preferential activities. The actual refund amount shall be subject to the company's settlement amount. Discounts, coupons and shipping charges (except those returned within the 7-day appreciation period) will not be refunded.

4. If the goods cannot be delivered due to reasons that are attributable to you, or if you do not receive the goods, the company will process the return and deduct the shipping fee incurred for the return from the refund amount when refunding. 


1. The products you purchase on this website can only be returned on this website. The products you purchase in our physical stores cannot be returned or exchanged on this website.

2. When you return the product, you must also send back the original product packaging, invoice, gifts, accessories, etc.

3. The determination of product defects shall be subject to the final judgment of our company.

4. According to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, the 7- day appreciation period refers to the 7 days starting from the day after the consumer receives the goods (based on the receipt date on the logistics document, including holidays), and includes holidays. If the 7th day is a holiday, the last day will be postponed to the next day.