Joma Sports is an enterprise dedicated to the production and sales of sports products. It mainly produces and operates football shoes, football textiles, running shoes and tennis shoes.

The internationalization process of Joma sports began in the early 1980s, mainly through the sponsorship of professional athletes and sports teams, which has become one of the main pillar methods of expanding new markets.

In 1980, the company participated in IPSO, Europe's most important sporting goods exhibition held in Munich, and began to expand into the world. This was the company's first exposure to the international market and took the opportunity to establish contacts with a number of sports teams in Central and Eastern Europe. 

After participating in several consecutive exhibitions and growing business volume in Europe, the company established its first branch in Germany in 1990. In the following years, the company gradually established seven subsidiaries, forming the current international footprint of this multinational company: Mexico (1996), the United States (1999), Hong Kong (2000), Italy (2002) ), Panama (2003) and Brazil (2004). Currently, the company has products sold in more than 70 countries and has entered the sports community in more than 50 countries. 

The main value of the Joma brand is reflected in its sponsor status. Some of the best sports teams and athletes around the world have been using Joma products. In the late 1990s, Joma was the first brand to launch colorful football boots, with the advertising campaign "Colorful Football" featuring famous players such as Butragueno, Alfonso, Chico and Moriente. Support from Sri Lanka and other players. Today, the brand has become a sponsor of many famous football teams, football clubs, athletes, tennis players and track and field athletes in the world, including: Sevilla (UEFA Cup champion), Frederic Canoute (Africa's best player in 2007), the best player in the Italian futsal national team, the CD Marathon team that won the Honduras football championship, Spanish tennis player Lopez and five-time Spanish cross-country running champion Juan Carlos Laosa. 

Joma is also a famous Spanish sporting goods brand. In terms of football, Joma sponsors more than 300 professional football clubs around the world, covering many top events including the World Cup, European Cup, Champions League and the five major leagues. 

At the same time, Joma is also the number one brand in the field of futsal and has established in-depth cooperation with the Spanish Football Federation, the Spanish Futsal National Team and the Brazilian Futsal Association. 

At the Tokyo Olympics, Joma sponsored 12 national teams and 10 national sports associations, with equipment coverage as HIGH as 10%.