JOMAs Special Technology

REACTIVE BALL rebound technology EVA lightweight cushioning provides balanced support.
The toes are specially reinforced and protected to improve durability and high impact resistance.
Made of DURABILITY wear-resistant rubber material, with high wear resistance and high quality, conforms to indoor terrain without leaving marks on the course.
Made of leather for its flexibility, durability, breathability,
Good contact with the ball and the use of VTS technology to enhance ventilation.
Built-in EXO COUNTER stabilizing device can protect the heel and ankle, strengthen the stability of the heel and make the foot feel more comfortable.
REACTIVE FOAM cushions stronger impacts to provide greater stability.
Made of rubber to provide excellent traction on the court.
FULL DUAL PULSOR double-layer cushioning midsole technology, gel sheet, phylon dual material provides extra stability.
ONE PIECE technology's construction minimizes weight, and provide a pleasant feeling when you insert your feet into the boots.
Shoes made of knitted material provide comfort and breathability.