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Spiked Football Shoes LIGA 5 [Black]

Spiked Football Shoes LIGA 5 [Black]

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This shoe style emphasizes toughness and wear resistance, adapts to high-intensity training and competition, has excellent wrapping and support, and has both cushioning and power generation at the same time.

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Spiked football boots LIGA 5 (black) 3135XP5030
-Made of high quality Fiberte c material.
- The upper is combined with VTS breathable system technology to increase air circulation on the foot.
- Lined with nylon material to support your feet stably, and the toe box is reinforced for durability.

- The midsole is made of high-quality and durable Phylon material, which is lightweight and cushioning and provides balanced support.

- The outsole is made of top-grade rubber and can withstand the DIN-70 level wear-resistance test.

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