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Futsal shoes REGATE REBOUND [white green]

Futsal shoes REGATE REBOUND [white green]

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**This shoe size may vary slightly**

Adult Futsal Shoes REGATE REBOUND- [White/Green] 3136XP5034

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Suitable for stone surfaces and indoor soccer fields, the improved version of FULL DUAL PULSOR dual-density phylon inserts in the midsole is equipped with maximum cushioning. The cut is made from synthetic materials and breathable textiles. The synthetic material is heat-sealed to secure the foot and provide stability to the shoe. This is thanks to Joma SPORTECH technology. Additionally, it is made with internal mesh that keeps the foot stable on the sole. Includes toe reinforcement for more precise and powerful strikes. Thanks to FULL DUAL PULSOR cushioning technology, the midsole is made of dual-density phylon. The upper half is stronger to provide stability, and the lower half is made from REACTIVE BALL, a revolutionary material that absorbs impact and quickly returns to its shape to provide reactivity. The soles are made of DURABILITY rubber, which is of excellent quality and meets DIN-70 wear-resistant standards.

Size : **This shoe size may vary slightly**

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