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Low Bounce Futsal Ball [No. 4]

Low Bounce Futsal Ball [No. 4]

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Low Bounce Futsal Ball [No. 4] 3145PP3057

Materials: (surface layer) high-quality synthetic leather, (inner bladder) rubber liner
A good ball needs to have the characteristics of professional workmanship and good quality.
Made of high-quality synthetic leather, moderately elastic, non-slip and wear-resistant
Machine sewing technology, strong stitching, not easy to open the thread
Sand-wrapped technology, soft feel and excellent bounce
Rubber liner effectively protects the liner and supports the ball

Football maintenance matters:
1.About inflation
·Before inflating, please lubricate the needle in soapy water and insert it vertically into the valve to prevent the needle from becoming dry and skewed, which may damage the valve and bladder.
, please refer to the air pressure regulations marked next to the air nozzle, and slowly inject air with an air cylinder. Do not use equipment such as a compressor to forcefully inject a large amount of air in a short time. Excessive air pressure will cause the bladder to be unable to withstand it and rupture.
2. About the new ball leaking
·Because the inner liner of the football is connected to the leather, other parts are interconnected, and a large amount of air will remain in the gaps. Therefore, when the new ball is inflated for the first time, air will leak from the sutures. This is a normal phenomenon. It will automatically inflate after inflating. discharged without affecting use.
3. About the new ball not being round
·Due to the fact that some products will be deflated when shipped, there will be squeezing during transportation. After inflating, if the ball shape is not round, please inflate it repeatedly and tap it several times, and the ball shape will automatically return to the original shape. original state
4. About football maintenance
Please clean the sand and dust on the ball in time to avoid entering the air nozzle and causing air leakage.
In order to ensure that the football remains in the best condition for a long time, some air can be properly discharged after each use before placing it, so that the bladder and ball pieces can be properly rested and relieved, thereby extending the service life of the football.
Do not leave the football in the sun or in the trunk of a car for a long time to avoid gas expansion and explosion!

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