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Children's Football Uniforms-Customized

Children's Football Uniforms-Customized

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Children's football uniform-3336FPB335 style

Please provide name number size

Production lead time is 15-25 working days

The renderings are for reference only. In actual production, there will be color differences between the actual clothing and different screens, which is within the normal range. Please refer to the actual product. We hereby declare!

For orders with higher requirements on pattern, color and size, it is recommended to give priority to the production of the final version, and then proceed to production after the final version is confirmed.

After the renderings are confirmed, any after-sales problems caused by reasonable errors between the renderings and the actual product will be borne by the customer, and returns or exchanges cannot be made.

Printed name (8 English letters/4 Chinese characters), printed number (2 digits)
NT$850 per set

**Please contact customer service for details**

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