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Women's Kangaroo Leather Football Shoes GLORY - FG [Gold]

Women's Kangaroo Leather Football Shoes GLORY - FG [Gold]

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Women's kangaroo leather football shoes GLORY - FG [gold] 3135XP5132

The front half of the GLORY FG shoe is made of high-quality kangaroo leather, which feels great to the touch. M-counter provides excellent stability. Suitable for real grass courts

GLORY FG - Kangaroo leather upper with high tear strength. It has better touch feel, waterproof and breathable performance. The back half is made of high-quality artificial leather, adding to its durability. The original long tongue design is reproduced, and the original intention is to cover the lace-up area on the instep, thereby increasing the ball contact surface of the instep, improving accuracy and preventing the shoelaces from loosening to a certain extent. - High-quality TPU sole, 1 0-1 2 MM spike length, more suitable for natural grass, and sports mechanical spike distribution to better improve sports performance.

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