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Adult broken spike football shoes FS REACTIVE TF [black/white]

Adult broken spike football shoes FS REACTIVE TF [black/white]

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Adult broken spike football boots FS REACTIVE TF 5145XP5522

Adult broken spike football shoes FS REACTIVE TF are a pair of football shoes made of a variety of high-quality materials, which improve the player's level and protection, are wear-resistant and lightweight. The soles are made of high-quality rubber for durability and traction, allowing you to be more flexible on the court.

The soft synthetic leather upper and precision stitching design greatly improve the ability to control the ball and shoot the ball. The Double Phylon midsole provides excellent cushioning, reducing pressure during jumping and better protecting knees and ankles.

The upper design is stitched with high-quality flexible leather to make the shoe lighter and more breathable, which can effectively wick away sweat and keep your feet dry.

Toe design: The toe part is reinforced with PROTECTION technology to absorb the impact of the ball and make a more accurate and powerful shot afterwards.

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