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Adult spiked soccer shoes EVOLUTION 23 MG- [Black, White and Red]

Adult spiked soccer shoes EVOLUTION 23 MG- [Black, White and Red]

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Adult football shoes EVOLUTION 23 MG- black, white and red 3135XP5023

EVOLUTION is suitable for artificial grass fields. The continuation of the Evolution model has been developed to the latest technology. The combination of seamless cut seams in the upper and sock system revolutionizes previous designs. This football boot combines speed, control and precision.

The upper is made of seamless synthetic material and is molded in one piece using ONE PIECE technology. This property gives the boot a light feel. They also feature the SOCK SYSTEM, which again provides a lightweight feel and optimizes the fit by anchoring the shoe's structure to the foot. At the heel, they have EXO COUNTER heel reinforcement, which protects this area and provides stability.

The sole is made of high-quality synthetic material and has good wear resistance. Adapts to terrain type for better control and movement on artificial turf. They have an extra stud structure for better weight distribution and easier grip. They also stand out with a modern and interesting design, which makes them ideal for fashionistas.

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