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Adult football shoes PROPULSION 23 FG [white and black]

Adult football shoes PROPULSION 23 FG [white and black]

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Adult football boots PROPULSION 23 FG (white and black) 3135XP5021

This football shoe is modified with ONE PIECE technology, which eliminates the seams of football shoes and is designed for football players who pursue pure speed. Every detail is designed to provide maximum benefit to football players, such as the insertion of the sock system, a sock system that adapts to the foot.

The upper is made of durable synthetic material that feels great on the ball, giving you power in your shots. The ONE PIECE system, as the name suggests, eliminates seams, making it a lighter boot. Likewise, it incorporates the SOCK SYSTEM sock system that secures the shoe to the foot, preventing slipping and improving ball control.

Additionally, they incorporate support at the heel to protect it and provide stability to the area. The sole is made of high-quality synthetic material and has good wear resistance.

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