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Adult soccer shoes SUPER COPA - MG [blue and white]

Adult soccer shoes SUPER COPA - MG [blue and white]

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Adult Football Shoes SUPER COPA - MG [Blue and White] 3116XP5002

**This shoe size may vary slightly**

Designed for football players looking for speed. Just like its predecessor, it is the most comfortable football boot in the range, thanks to the combination of its seamless and sock system.

-The upper is made of synthetic material to improve resistance and power when hitting the ball. It features sub-seamless ONE PIECE technology to help adapt to the foot and avoid weight gain. The fit is optimized thanks to the SHOCK SYSTEM, a sock system that holds the boot to the foot like a second skin and is non-slip while remaining lightweight.

-The sole is made of high-quality synthetic material with good wear resistance. Adapts to terrain type for better control and movement on artificial turf. The MG stud structure, which distributes weight better and promotes traction, is particularly lightweight, making these football boots the lightest in the range.

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