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Adult Football Shoes XPANDER 23 FG [Black Silver]

Adult Football Shoes XPANDER 23 FG [Black Silver]

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XPANDER 23 FG is suitable for use on natural grass. These classic cut football boots stand out for their durability and comfort. There are barely any seams, keeping it light and helping football players give everything they have on the field.

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Adult football boots XPANDER 23 FG (black and silver) 3135XP5024
These classic cut football boots are made from high-quality, wear-resistant materials. Technical classic football from the day after tomorrow. The upper is made from high-quality synthetic materials with excellent tensile strength and incorporates fabric on the interior for comfort. It has an EXO COUNTER outer support to protect the heel. The sole is made of high-quality synthetic material and has good wear resistance. Adapts to terrain type for better control and movement on firm, non-abrasive terrain (natural grass). All advantages combined result in a highly durable football boot
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