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Adult Football Shoes FG GOL 2024 [Black]

Adult Football Shoes FG GOL 2024 [Black]

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FG football boots GOL (black) 5145XP5508

Stability: To minimize the risk of ankle dislocation or sprain during play, the shoe is designed to provide good stability. This will make quick changes in direction or sudden slides more comfortable and safer.

Light: The lighter weight of the shoe makes the feet feel less fatigued, significantly improving comfort even during long training sessions. In addition, the lightweight shoes do not burden the football player and ensure greater freedom of movement.

Grip: The sole of this model is engineered to provide good grip even during fast turns and sudden changes of direction.
Sock Design: Cutting-edge technology ensures the footwear fits the wearer's foot perfectly and allows a full range of motion during activity.
One Piece: The special cut of sneakers makes the shoes lightweight and fit perfectly to the wearer's feet.

Exo back cover: The reinforced structure at the back of the shoe increases heel protection and comfort. The heel counter is composed of durable microfiber on the outside and soft foam and PVC plastic on the inside.

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