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Men's golf woven vest

Men's golf woven vest

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Men's golf woven vest 7145FL1047

Three-proof fabric
Level 4-5 waterproof
Level 4-5 is easy to decontaminate
Level 4-5 oil repellent

Three-proof technology fabric uses low surface energy technology. After three-proof treatment, the fabric forms a molecular barrier on the surface of the fiber. After being baked at high temperature, it forms a thin film with very small tension, which can prevent water, oil, and dirt from sticking and penetrating. It is easy to Cleanable, oil-proof, stain-proof, water-proof.

Multifunctional design: -zipper fly, tightly blocking cold wind from entering.

Breathable mesh lining, breathable and sweat-wicking, moisture-absorbing and quick-drying.

Invisible diagonal pockets for easy storage and less likely to drop items.

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