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Men's Sun Protection Short-Sleeved T-Shirt ~ UPF40+ [navy/grey/white/grey blue]

Men's Sun Protection Short-Sleeved T-Shirt ~ UPF40+ [navy/grey/white/grey blue]

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Men's Sun Protection Short-Sleeved T-Shirt ~ UPF40+ [navy/grey/white/grey blue] 3145FL0096

Quick-drying fabric, moisture-absorbing and quick-drying imitation cotton fabric, feels delicate, dry and boney, light, breathable and comfortable.
Breathable sports fabric, densely breathable micropores, efficient heat insulation, cooling and cooling.
Made of strong cotton fabric, it feels delicate, dry and skinny.
Professional sunscreen, UPF40+, effectively resists ultraviolet rays, holds up a sunscreen umbrella for your skin and resists sun damage, allowing you to enjoy summer without any worries.
Ergonomically designed, you can stretch freely after wearing it, and you can release your sports energy without feeling restrained.
Round neck design, classic round neck design with smooth, fashionable and simple lines.
Printed design, exquisite high-frequency printing on the front chest highlights the brand texture.
The fabric is 100% polyester , which is easy to wash and will not fade easily after being washed for a long time. It is more secure, safe and environmentally friendly to wear.
Easy to care for, stable quality, not easy to pill.

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