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Men's Woven Jacket ~ Spanish Olympic New Series 【GOLD】

Men's Woven Jacket ~ Spanish Olympic New Series 【GOLD】

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Men's Woven Jacket ~ Spanish Olympic New Series 【GOLD】 3145FL1101

100% brocade (fabric); 100% polyester fiber (lining); 95% polyester fiber + 5% spandex (cuffs)
One piece can be worn multiple times. It is multi-functional and practical. The slim bud design on the shoulders strengthens the entire body, making it durable and comfortable.
Mesh lining design, golden color, versatile, suitable for many seasons
The hooded design of windproof and water-repellent fabric can be adjusted freely to prevent wind and rain. For outdoor training and exercise, you are not afraid of wind and rain, and can travel through wind and rain without any restraints.
The laser gloss fabric is soft, has muscles and bones and is easy to take care of, the linear printing on the rotator sleeves is beautiful and stretchable, and the exquisitely printed LOGO is
Highlight brand details, symbolizing honor and championship
Recommended for outdoor rainproofing, windproof/splashproof/wear-resistant/versatile
The windproof woven fabric is more comfortable and effectively improves the wind-shielding effect. You can move as much as you want without letting wind enter easily, making it more comfortable to wear during exercise.
Stand collar jacket, hooded light jacket, fashionable training sportswear, woven jacket, buy 1 piece = 4 pieces

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