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2024 Year of the Dragon themed football boots (AG) [White and Blue]

2024 Year of the Dragon themed football boots (AG) [White and Blue]

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2024 Year of the Dragon themed football boots (AG) (white and blue) 5145XP5000

A lightweight football shoe that combines modern technology and cutting-edge design. The upper uses fly-knit hot-laminated film technology, which is lightweight while fully improving the wrapping feel. The MG outsole has excellent grip.

Artificial turf (AG) football boots. Men's and women's models feature attractive new designs and are recommended for beginners looking for pure speed. Thanks to the rich technical features, these shoes are the most comfortable in the range. The upper is made of PU synthetic material to enhance resistance and power against the ball. It features ONE PIECE technology, which eliminates seams, making it easier to adapt to the foot and preventing the shoe from becoming too heavy. It's a return to a classic style with a lightweight tongue for a better fit and foot support. EXO COUNTER Brace at the rear, an area that requires extra protection and stability to prevent injury. The outsole is made of high-quality synthetic material and has good wear resistance. Adapts to terrain type to improve motion control on artificial turf. They feature a structural spike pattern for improved weight distribution and traction.

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